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American Flags for Sale

Are you someone who is looking for American flags for sale? Despite the fact that this is a popular item, it can actually be somewhat difficult to find in a pinch. Sure you can find them at the local dollar store, but they lack the quality and durability to be a long standing item that you’re proud to display at your home. You want your flag for a long time and don't want it fraying after only being displayed for a month. If you want a quality American flag, make sure that you visit

50 Star Flags has high quality American flags for sale. The 50 star American flag is the ultimate symbol of patriotism and is a respected sign throughout the world. These flags are fully sewn, have brass grommets, embroidered stars, and are made from nylon. The nylon material will hold up to almost any weather conditions, but we ask that you do remain mindful of the laws established concerning displaying the American flag during inclement weather. These flags come in 4' by 6', 3' by 5’ or 2' by 3'.

13 Star Betsy Ross

Another line of American flags for sale is the 13 star Betsy Ross flag. This is credited as being the first United States flag and was sewn by Betsy Ross in Philadelphia shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. These flags are the ones that have the 13 stars in a circular pattern in the blue section of the flag, for the original 13 colonies.

United States Historical Flags

We have another grouping of American flags for sale. These flags range from various eras of American history. The most prominent flag in this grouping is the '76 Bennington flag. This is the flag that also has 13 stars in the blue section, but also contains the number “76,” which is in reference to the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another unique feature of this flag was that its stripes are white-red as opposed to the traditional red-white of the modern flag.

In terms of American flags for sale, you can find a number of high quality options at

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