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RARE: Army of Trans Mississippi 4x4ft Poly

The Army of the Trans-Mississippi was a major Confederate army under the Department of the Trans-Mississippi during the American Civil War. It was the last major Confederate command to surrender, submitting on May 26, 1865, exactly one month after General Johnston had surrendered in the eastern United States.

The Army of the Trans-Mississippi originally numbered well over 50,000 troops, but fewer than 43,000 were available by the end of the war. Major campaigns included Sibley's New Mexico campaign, Banks' Red River campaign, and Price's Missouri campaign. The last battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Palmito Ranch, was fought on May 12-13 1865 by units of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi. General E. Kirby Smith, who commanded the Army, surrendered to Union forces on May 26, 1865, although by that point many of his troops had already deserted. The last remaining Army of the Trans-Mississippi force and also the last remaining Confederate force was the 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles, commanded by Brigadier-General Stand Watie. Watie surrendered on June 23.

4 x 4 ft Super Poly Confederate Flag.


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