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Super Poly 3x5 Bennington Flag

Bennington 1776 Flag 3'x5'
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Bennington 1776 Flag - The unusual '76 and seven-pointed stars appearing in the canton easily identifies a Bennington Flag.

In the 1777 Battle of Bennington American forces, namely the Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen, drove back the advancing British armies from reaching Albany, NY in an attempt to cut of New England from the remainder of the colonies as other British regiments drove north from NY City.
This flag’s material is a filament, warp knit polyester, producing a flag of good durability and color retention. This polyester material has an open weave that allows the flag to fly in very light breezes. Featuring white Polyester Duck heading and brass grommets.
The Bennington Flag is a version of the American Flag associated with the American Revolution Battle of Bennington, from which it derives its name. Like many Revolution era flags, the Bennington features 13 stars and 13 stripes, symbolic of the 13 American colonies that were in a state of rebellion against Great Britain. The Bennington version is easily identified by a large '76' in the canton, recalling the year 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another unique feature of the Bennington flag is the arrangement of the 13 stripes, alternating white-red (from either the top or bottom) instead of the more traditional red-white.
One legend claims that the original Bennington Flag was carried off the field by Nathaniel Fillmore and passed down through the Fillmore family, and was, at one time, in the possession of President Millard Fillmore, Nathaniel's grandson. Philetus P. Fillmore flew a Bennington flag in 1877, to commemorate the Battle of Bennington. Mrs. Maude Fillmore Wilson donated the family flag to the Bennington Museum. Because of the family association, the flag is also referred to as the "Fillmore Flag".
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