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Relive History With A Bennington Flag

We love American history. Seriously, we can’t get enough of it! Every time you think you’ve learned everything there is to know about an era of our country or a particular battle, you find out something new. As a result we also love celebrating and sharing America’s great history. What better way is there to celebrate the United States then by taking a look back at all of our amazing flags, like the Bennington Flag.

Much like many of the flags from the Revolutionary War era, the Bennington Flag features thirteen stars and 13 stripes, the same number as the number of American colonies. What makes the Bennington stand out is the large “76” in the middle of the blue field. It’s also got some finer differences that make it stand out – the stars have seven points each instead of the traditional five. It also arranges the stripes in white-red, rather than the standard red-white.

The Bennington Flag is so popular today because of that ‘76’ emblazoned across the front. It evokes a sense of patriotism and the spirit of the Revolutionary War. One of the most popular legends behind the Bennington Flag is that after battle, it was carried off the field by the Nathaniel Fillmore and was then passed down through his family for generations, and was even in possession of his grandson, President Millard Fillmore.

Today, the Bennington looks wonderful all year round, but you can fly it with particular pride and significance on Independence Day and all of our other national holidays. Use it to teach our future generations about the Revolutionary War and the proud history of America’s freedom. Keep the spirit of our forefathers alive and remind your friends and family why we fought and continue to fight for America’s freedom today.

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