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Celebrate New Englandís History With The Bunker Hill Flag

Whether youíre living in New England, used to live there, or are just a history buff with a love of flags, the Bunker Hill Flag is a wonderful flag that has an interesting background. Itís the perfect flag to hang in your home to celebrate your heritage, or to honor the memory of the first patriots that fought at Bunker Hill.

The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775, and was one of the first battles in the American Revolutionary War. It took place during the siege of Boston and was named after the hill that was the main objective of both troops. While the British won the battle, the Colonial troops inflicted heavy damage without suffering many casualties of their own. While technically a loss, it was a pivotal point early in the war, as it proved the mettle of the American soldiers was up to the task.

The Bunker Hill Flag is often also known as the Flag of New England. There are several variations on the Flag of New England, but traditionally the version known as the Bunker Hill Flag has a blue field with a red cross on itís canton with a tree in one corner. Legend has it that the blue field is actually an error, and that when the design of the flag was drawn, the field was supposed to be red. Hence, you see variations with both the red and blue, but the blue flag has become the traditional symbol of Bunker Hill.

Bunker Hill flags are popular today throughout Massachusetts and New England, and serves as their flag. Itís also seen frequently on Independence Day and Revolutionary War reenactments. You can honor the patriots that came before you and remind the world of the resilience of the American people with your very own Bunker Hill flag. Stand proud and share the story of the Battle of Bunker Hill with your friends and neighbors and keep the memory alive.

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