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Come and Take It Coffee Cup

Come and Take It Coffee Cup
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The Classic Gadsden Don't Tread On Me coffee cup officially has competition!

The 11oz standard white ceramic coffee cup is made absolutely unique and COOL. The Come and Take It assault rifle design is actually engraved in the glossy white cup surface and is precisely painted with a flat black color.

These came out great and were made by one of our customers. We are now developing a nice business relationship. THANK YOU SEAN!!!
11 oz ceramic mug: Laser engraved art work, exact detail. Double printed image.
"Come and take it" was a slogan used in the Texas Revolution in 1835. In March 1831, Juan Gomez, a Lieutenant in the Mexican Army, worked alongside Tadeo Ortiz, a consul at Bordeaux, France, and granted a small cannon to the colony of San Antonio. The small bronze cannon was received by the colony and signed for by Randy Tumlinson. It was then transported to Gonzales, Texas and later was the object of Texas pride. At the minor skirmish known as the Battle of Gonzales, a small group of Texans successfully resisted the Mexican forces who had orders to seize their cannon. As a symbol of defiance, the Texans had fashioned a flag containing the phrase along with a black star and an image of the cannon which they had received six years earlier from mexican officials. In modern times, the "come and take it" flag has been modified and used as a symbol of gun-rights advocates. The first-known modified version, from the 1980s, replaces the cannon with an M16A2 assault rifle and was displayed at a Bill of Rights rally in Arizona. In 2002, the flag was further modified to depict a Barret .50 BMG Rifle.
The Coffea plant is native to subtropical Africa and southern Asia. It belongs to a genus of ten species of flowering plants of the family Rubiaceae. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree that may grow 5 meters tall when unpruned. The leaves are dark green and glossy, usually 100150 millimeters long and 60 millimeters wide. It produces clusters of fragrant white flowers that bloom simultaneously. The fruit berry is oval, about 15 millimeters long, and green when immature, but ripens to yellow, then crimson, becoming black on drying. Each berry usually contains two seeds, but 510% of the berries have only one; these are called peaberries.Berries ripen in seven to nine months.
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