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Stand Your Ground With A Come And Take It Flag

Out of all the amendments to the constitution, the Second Amendment has long been the most controversial. The opinion on gun control ranges from the most liberal to conservative mind sets. If you're pro gun control, you've probably taken some flack from friends, family and neighbors for your opinion. The simple truth is, you have a right to bear arms, so stand your ground and show your support for the Second Amendment with A Come And Take It Flag.

“Come and take it” was a slogan originally used in the 1835 Texas Revolution. The Mexican Army has previously given the colony of San Antonia a small bronze cannon as a gift. It became a source of pride for Texans, so a few years later when Mexican forces tried to seize the cannon, they were not happy. They created the original Come & Take It Flag as a symbol of defiance to Mexico. If they wanted the cannon, they were welcome to try and take it from us.

Today, the image of the cannon has been replaced with the picture of an AR-15, but the message remains the same. The right to keep and bear arms has been one of the most treasured rights of Americans for centuries. Many interest groups continue to lobby for bans on guns, while the real solution lies in proper education and handling.

If you're looking to take a stand for gun rights, there is no better symbol than the Texas Come And Take It Flag. Hang one in your home, or put a sticker on each of your vehicles to take your message on the road. Let naysayers know without a doubt that you're keeping your guns and if they want them, they'll have to come and take them!

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