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Thrown Down The Gauntlet With A Come And Take It Shirt

As Americans, we are blessed to have so many rights and freedoms. It’s our responsibility to use those rights wisely and to always be on guard for those who might want to take our freedom away. One freedom that is constantly under assault is our right to bear arms. If you love your country and want to take a stand for your constitutional rights, now is the time to stand up and show your pride with a Come And Take It shirt!

The phrase “Come And Take It” was a slogan first used in the Texas Revolution. The colony of San Antonio had been given a small bronze cannon as a gift from the Mexican Army, and had long been a symbol of pride in the state of Texas. During the Battle of Gonzales, Mexican forces were ordered to seize the cannon and return it to Mexico. As a symbol of their defiance, the Texans guarding the cannon created a flag with a picture of the cannon, a Star, and phrase “Come And Take It”.

Today, the Come And Take It Shirt features the phrase alongside a more modern rifle, and is one of the most popular symbols for gun rights advocates. The idea behind its recent popularity is simple – Americans are constantly threatened from terrorists abroad and even terrorists within our own country. We need to be able to protect ourselves and demand to have the option to bear arms. As liberals work to restrict gun laws, we need to stand up for our rights.

It’s time to let America know how you feel. Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally, with a Come And Take It Shirt. The popular slogan from Texas can go with you on the road for protests, or to the polls on voting day. Share your message and let people know why gun rights are important, and let the Come and Take It shirt start the conversation. carries a full line of Come And Take It flags, shirts and more. Get ready for your next rally, or even the gun show in the spring with these popular shirts. Everyone will want to know where you got it!

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