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Let Them Know Where You Stand WIth Conservative Tees!

Looking for cool conservative tees? has you covered. You can get your point across without sacrificing good looks with our selection of tee shirts inspired by classic revolutionary flags.

If you believe in enduring conservative traits like morality, convention, respect for tradition, prudence and voluntary community, then we have the wardrobe you need hanging in your closet.

If you’re opposed to the liberal administration’s collectivist mentality, tell them “Don’t Tread on Me” with a classic and conservative Gadsden Flag tee. Originally used by the first colonial Marines, the flag has taken on new meaning in today’s political landscape, and is seen as a sign of disagreement with the current administration. Protesters at tea parties and town hall meetings alike rally around the iconic image of the Gadsden Flag and its enduring message of noninterference by large government.

A popular variation on the Gadsden design is the “Liberty Or Death” one seen in the flag used by the Culpeper Minute Men. Though this brave group was eventually dissolved and merged into the militia, many Minute Men were present during General Washington’s winter at Valley Forge.

As a conservative, we know that the second amendment is important to you. The right to bear arms is one of the most basic freedoms in our society, one that is dangerously coming under fire today. If you support the struggle to keep firearms in the hands of citizens, tell everybody to “Come and Take It.” Inspired by the Texas revolutionaries that opposed General Santa Anna during the Mexican-American War, the phrase was prominently featured on flags used by American fighters. We’ve added an AR-15 to the design as a modern update.

No matter what style or color you’re looking for, you can bet that has conservative tees that will complement your wardrobe. We’re proud to play a role in bringing back the spirit and attitude of patriotism and the tradition of the Gadsden flag.

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