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The Proud History Of The Culpeper Flag

You've probably seen the Culpeper Minutemen Flag hanging proudly outside of homes in your neighborhood. In fact, you might even own one of these fine flags yourself. They have long embodied the American spirit of independence and defiance. So how exactly did the Culpeper Flag get it's start and why is it important to us today?

History Of The Culpeper Flag

The rattlesnake has been used to portray American spirit since colonial days. Benjamin Franklin first conjured this image in a 1751 essay, where he encouraged the 13 colonies to remain a united front against Britain. He described the colonies as a 'snake divided' – each piece could not function on it's own. The rattlesnake began appearing on flags and other symbols of the emerging United States.

The Culpeper Minutemen was a militia group that formed around 1775 in the district near Culpeper, Virginia. They were inspired by the flag that Colonel Gadsden had created with the snake in 1774, but wanted to take it a step further. Their company flag portrayed the coiled snake with the famous “Don't Tread On Me” slogan, but the minutemen decided that was not enough. They raised another defiant fist in the air and added the message “Liberty or Death” to their flag.

They carried their grand flag proudly throughout the Revolutionary War, including the Battle of Great Bride in December 1775. While they were disbanded in 1776, their flag is still flown around the country as a reminder of their sacrifices in battle and the freedom we cherish because of it.

Modern Flag Meanings

Today, the Culpeper Flag is flown for several reasons. First, it is flown just like the American flag, as a reminder of our great country's history. It honors all those that have ever fought to maintain our freedom and the American way of life. The flag is a reminder of all the lives that have been lost so that we can live without oppression.

The Culpeper Minutemen flag also now stands as a strong political statement. Thousands around the country who look to stand strong against oppression, whether it comes from the enemy, or from within our own country, fly this flag proudly. Let your neighbors and countrymen know you will be heard and will stand strong with a Culpeper Flag!

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