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Don't Tread On Me Merchandise

The phrase “don't tread on me” has a vested place in American history. Although sometimes used today as a way to get other people to get out of your personal space (literally or figuratively, such as using it to send a message to the government), it was once used by the patriots who helped make America the free nation that it is today. Rallying around the image of the rattlesnake, in 1774 Colonel Gadsden, of the First Continental Army, printed the phrase “don't tread on me” on his flag. Since then it has been a phrase utilized by all Americans in terms of protesting against an overbearing force.

Clothing wants you to be able to showcase your patriotism wherever you go. Therefore, we've provided you with a number of ways to display the defiant nature of our country's history. The first way is through Don't Tread On Me clothing. We have a large selection of clothing that will help fill out your wardrobe. At our site, you can find tee shirts, golf shirts, long sleeve shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and baseball caps. Each of these items come in different colors and designs, so make sure to find the item that best fits your personality.


Don't Tread On Me merchandise started with the actual Gadsden flag. The image of the coiled rattlesnake along with the phrase, “don't tread on me,” is used still even today by protestors and military personnel. But these flags can also serve to fill other practical uses, such as reenacting groups, classroom decorations, and gifts for history buffs.


You can also find Don't Tread On Me items in the following forms: auto decals, auto flags, stickers, license plates, license plate frames, patches, magnets, silk ties, fleece blankets, coffee cups, and stationary. There are countless ways that you can let others know that you love your country.

So make sure to visit so that you can find items to suit all of your Don't Tread On Me needs.

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