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Stand Proud With A Don't Tread On Me Hat

Every good patriot needs a Don't Tread On Me Hat. There's no point in being coy about it you can keep your message flying from your home and even on the bumper of your car, but that will only take you so far. The symbol of the Gadsden flag fits neatly onto a baseball cap and can go with you just about everywhere! You're not protesting big government only half of the day, so why not keep the message alive all day long?

Don't Tread On Me Hats come in a lot of different colors and styles. Maybe yellow's not your color, or you want to carry your message in a more subdued fashion. Whatever your preference, carries a Gadsden hat that will suit your tastes! But where can you wear your Don't Tread On Me Hat? We're glad you asked. Here's a list of our top five favorite places to sport the Don't Tread On Me message:

5. Voting Day it's a subtle way to get other voters to start asking questions about their elected officials. It's up to us to make the changes we want to see, and a Don't Tread On Me hat is a wonderful way to get people thinking and asking questions.

4. Out For Walks we could all use a little bit of extra exercise, and it's a perfect excuse to take your message on the road. Keep your head cool with a don't tread n me hat and then wait for the questions to start rolling in. Neighbors who've seen the flag at your house might finally get up the nerve to ask what those Tea Parties were all about, and you'll be ready to tell them!

3. At Work Now, this might not work for every job, and that's ok (we have alternative means for those folks!). But if you can wear a cap on your way to work, or if you can even keep the hat on all day long, it's a great way to let your coworkers in on your ideals and start talking about the future of America!

2. Holidays Celebrate everything you love about America next July 4th with a don't tread on me hat! You're not protesting America, but trying to find away to make this great country even better. Stand proud with the rest of the patriots with your hat.

1. Protests This is an obvious choice for #1, but for good reason. There's no other place where it's more important to display the Gadsden flag and let our lawmakers know that treading on us is not an option. Stand proud and fight back. Don't tread on me!

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