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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve With A Don't Tread On Me Shirt

We've all heard the old saying “the clothes make the man” and it's so true. What you wear defines your style and how people view you. You can make a statement with the right shirt, or you can just blend in to the crowd. If you're not content to be invisible, it's time to choose something different, like a Don't Tread On Me Shirt.

You've seen that popular slogan on flags and websites across America in 2009, and will continue to see it in 2010 and beyond. The message of the Don't Tread On Me Shirt is simple – don't infringe our rights and don't suffocate America with big government and over-spending. Many people are big fans of the Obama administration, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Assert your free speech rights and take a stand for what you believe in wherever you are with your own Gadsden/Don't Tread On Me shirt.

If you're not a fan of big spending, and you're against the government bailouts, then you're right in line with the idea behind “Don't Tread On Me”. Our country was founded on the freedom of speech, and it is our right and duty to speak up when we feel government is going astray. Wear your Don't Tread On Me shirt to your next protest, or on your next trip to the polls, and you'll not only garner respect, but questions.

We love the Don't Tread On Me shirt for the doors it can open. Many, many Americans are frustrated with big government, but they might not know how to change things. Wear your shirt, and be happy to tell people about it when they ask. Be proud of what you believe in and let people know what you're working towards. Who knows, you might even end up buying them their very own Don't Tread On Me gear for their next birthday!

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