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First US Navy Jack Flags

First US Navy Jack Flags
A PICTURE OF SOME VIPs, The HCS-4 RED WOLVES with their HH-60H Seahawk. The weapons system includes Hellfire missiles, 2 GAU-17 mini-guns and a Forward Looking Infrared imaging system with LASER designator. These are the honored servicemen who deploy SEALs,and who fly behind enemy lines all the time for rescues and combat support!!! p.s. Dont Tread on Them

In 1980, Edward Hidalgo, the Secretary of the Navy, directed that the ship with the longest active status shall display the First Navy Jack until decommissioned or transferred to inactive service. Then the flag will be passed to the next ship in line. This honor was conferred on the following U.S. Navy vessels:

19811982: Destroyer tender USS Dixie (AD-14), commissioned 1940 19821993: Destroyer tender USS Prairie (AD-15), commissioned 1940 19931993: Submarine tender USS Orion (AS-18), commissioned 1943 19931995: Repair Ship USS Jason (AR-8), commissioned 1944 19951995: Ammunition ship USS Mauna Kea (AE-22), commissioned 1957 19951998: Aircraft carrier USS Independence (CV-62), commissioned 1959 19982009: Aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), commissioned in 1961 2009-Present: Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), commissioned 1961

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