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Foliage Green Come and Take It Patch

Foliage Green Come and Take It Patch
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In Virginia, anti-federalist Patrick Henry said during the opening debates of the Virginia Ratification Convention that arms are required to secure rights and freedoms from those who would take them away. He also questioned how the people could resist a tyrant if their arms had been taken from them.

This patch symbolizes the modern day fight with those who believe in the 2nd Ammendment and those who don't. "(c) 1994 David C. Treibs" "Come and Take it Flag with Assault Rifle,"

Our Quality 3.50" x 2.25" U.S.A. made patch is of the highest known in the world today. Computerized embroidery machines & software offer the highest stitch count and quality possible. The velcro “hook” fabric (the rough part) is die cut to the emblem’s shape and then sewn to the back of the emblem. Heat Seal or Iron On, Heat sensitive backing that allows a patch to be ‘ironed on’ to a garment. Patches can be sewn on.
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