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Casualties of War Shirt

Casualties of War Shirt
Casualties of War ShirtCasualties of War ShirtCasualties of War Shirt
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Fallen Heroes Shirt- The shirt pays homage to our United States military heroes who fought in wars throughout our nation's history... and continue to fight!

The fallen soldier image inspired us to remember the casualties of our U.S. wars (killed, injured or missing in action). They continue to fight for our FREEDOM, today.

Printed by small local family owned business!

What did you do today ... for Freedom?
100% high quality Pre-Shrunk Cotton, 6.1 oz heavyweight. Men's - 38-40(M) 42-44(L) 46-48(XL) 50-52(XXL) 54-56(XXXL)
A military casualty can be a victim of an accident, injury, or trauma. Casualties is sometimes misunderstood to mean fatalities, but non-fatal injuries are also casualties.
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