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Gadsden Patch: Show Off Your Patriotism

The Gadsden Flag is one of the most iconic images in American History. The image of the coiled rattlesnake combined with the phrase, “don't tread on me,” has been a symbol of defiance and patriotism in American since 1774. When Colonel Gadsden first unveiled this image, it is unlikely that he knew that his flag would serve as a rallying point for all patriots in the future. At, we have a large number of items that allow you to display this proud image. One such item is the Gadsden patch.

For the Soldier

A Gadsden patch can be an excellent gift for anyone in the armed forces. Those men and women in uniform are an extension of America and are a tangible example of patriotism. A soldier with a Gadsden patch will clearly be recognized as a man or woman who loves their country. It will also add a sense of intimidation. The patches come in a number of colors and images, so make sure to browse through all of the possible selections.

For the History Student

A Gadsden patch can also be an exciting gift for a student of history. Not a lot of people know that the Gadsden flag was born in a time when Americans were suffering from a tyrannical rule. The image that is being used today by patriots who are unhappy with the current state of affairs is echoing the voices of the patriots of the Revolutionary Era. A history buff might be excited to receive a gift that is attached to so much history.

For the Politically Active

No one can deny that the in the current day things are politically charged. The Tea Party is a fine example of American patriots who are out there talking about change and trying to get America back on track. If you, or someone you know, are fighting the good fight, a Gadsden patch can be an excellent way to let others know, politically, where you stand.

So make sure to visit to find the Gadsden patch that best fits your need and wardrobe.

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