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The Gonzales Flag: Come and Take It!

The Gonzales flag is yet another one of the fine symbols of American patriotism and “never say die” attitude. In 1831 Texas still belonged to Mexico. The Texan colonists in Gonzales requested protection from hostile Indians. The Mexican government issued them a single bronze cannon as a sign of visual deterrence. When the Mexican government asked for the cannon back, the colonists were afraid that the Indians might start to attack again. The colonists instead printed a flag with the image of a cannon and the phrase, “Come and take it!” They then raised the flag over their settlement, which sparked the battle of Gonzales. This battle is regarded as the start of the Texas war for Independence. You can find that same Gonzales flag at

Reenacting Groups

The Gonzales flag can be a perfect accessory for any sort of reenactment group who specializes or focuses on the Texas revolution. The flag is a durable and light, so it is able to survive any type of trials that a historic reenactment may put the flag through. This flag would be an impressive accent of historical flair to any reenactment group.

History Teachers and Students

The Gonzales flag can serve as an excellent teaching tool when covering the Texas war for Independence. Some students are visual learners and therefore may benefit from actually seeing the flag. It could also be a classroom decoration, which may help to focus your students in on history each time they enter your classroom.

Political Activists

In these politically charged times, many people are looking for ways to let others know exactly where they stand. One group that is gaining a lot of attention is the Tea Party. These men and women are true patriots who are trying to get America back on track. A Gonzales flag can be the perfect way to let others know that you want America to regain the respect it once held in the international spotlight.

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