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Historic American Flag: The Evolution of Liberty

The American flag is a powerful symbol throughout the world, but the flag that we know and love today is very different from its original design. At Gadsden and Culpeper, you have the opportunity to obtain a replica of the Historic American Flag that the colonists united under to proclaim their independence.

Historic Reenacting

Are you a member of a Revolutionary War reenacting society? Do you need an authentic replica of the Historic American Flag that the English redcoats first laid their eyes upon in 1776? Then browse our selection of flags that existed throughout the Revolutionary era. Are you a political activist who supports a return to the values set forth by the forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence? Then pick up a Historic American Flag to take to your political rally. Let others know that your patriotism is alive and well.

Theatrical Practicality

Are you involved in a school or community theatre that is putting on a production of 1776? Are you a film company that is making a Revolutionary War documentary? A Historic American Flag from Gadsden and Culpeper could add the final aesthetic touch to make your setting complete. Imagine the excitement of the scene, where your actor unfurls the iconic symbol that opposed tyranny and gave rise to our great nation. Not only do our flags act as valuable set pieces, but they are also set at prices that can fit easily into any production budget.

Holiday Pride

There is nothing more patriotic than seeing an entire street of houses displaying Ole' Glory on the Fourth of July. This is the ultimate celebration of the birth of our nation. Why not celebrate by displaying the Historic American Flag that was seen on our actual day of independence? This is possible with the merchandise available at Gadsden and Culpeper.

So don't forget that our beloved flag has gone through different variations. Don't be afraid to display your patriotism from a variety of eras with a Historic American Flag from Gadsden and Culpeper.

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