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Infidel Vinyl Die-Cut 5"x6"

Infidel Vinyl Die-Cut 5
Infidel Vinyl Die-Cut 5Infidel Vinyl Die-Cut 5Infidel Vinyl Die-Cut 5
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Pro-grade white die-cut vinyl, leaves professional quality lettering on glass (truck and car windows) or metal (tool boxes & gun safes), to name a few.
Step 1. Clean glass or metals surface. Be sure tempurature is 60-80 F. Step 2. Activate adhesive by rubbing face of material to the backing paper. Step 3. Carefully peel backing sheet of the decal slowly and carefully. Step 4. Position decal on car/truck/surface where it is to be applied. Step 5 Rub the decal against the surface by hand for one minute to release the letters from the masking material. Let the decal adhere for two minutes before peeeling. Step 6 Slowly peel masking material away from decal. Do not power wash for 72 hours.
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