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Send Your Message Loud And Clear: Give Me Liberty Or Death!

“Give me liberty or give me death!” - Patrick Henry, March 23 1775

If it was up to us, every American would have a framed print on their wall. Liberty is the foundation of what makes our country so great, and we should never forget the sacrifices that have been made, and in fact continue to be made today. For those proud patriots who would rather choose between Liberty or Death, there are a wide variety of ways that you can get your message heard.

Liberty Or Death Shirts

It's important to carry your beliefs with you wherever you go, and you can literally wear them on your sleeve with Liberty or Death Shirts and Hoodies. If you find yourself having to listen over and over to co-workers or friends try to covert your ideals, wear one of these and they'll be speechless! You can find styles to suit any taste, along with message that range from traditional to more modern, like the newer Come And Take It shirts.

You'll be instantly recognizable as a patriot and a spirited American with your shirt on. Use it to spread the good word – you'll be surprised at how many people will either recognize the symbol or ask you about it's history. It's a great chance to educate your friends and family on our country's great history.

Gadsden Flags

Both Gadsden and Culpeper flags have become popular symbols of American resolve and also as a protest against government interference. Whatever your passion, there is a flag for you! Fly a flag for your family members in the military, or even support the Second Amendment with a Come & Take It Flag.

Our flags are hearty enough that you can take them on the road as well. Take your message of Liberty Or Death to the streets and carry a flag at your next protest or Tea Party.

Stickers & Patches

Sometimes subtlety is a good thing. It's tempting to shout your beliefs from the roof tops, but it will probably get more raised eyebrows than actual support. On those occasions, stick with something small and simple. A bumper sticker or pin on your coat can catch just as much attention as a flag draped over your shoulders. Place your Liberty Or Death message in unexpected places and reaffirm your beliefs!

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