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Are you a real Gadsden Fan? Install 2 flags and 20ft flagpole next weekend!

20 ft Residential Complete Flagpole and 2 Flag Set-Up
20 ft Residential Complete Flagpole and 2 Flag Set-Up20 ft Residential Complete Flagpole and 2 Flag Set-Up20 ft Residential Complete Flagpole and 2 Flag Set-Up
Item #: 20ft-setup
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No extra charges for flags & shipping! Includes two premium flags. 3x5 USA & 2x3 Gadsden.

Easy to Install. Safe & lightweight fiberglass sectional flagpole, (3 sections) Shipped via UPS Ground.

Maintenance free white gel-coat fiberglass.

Made by Annin Flagmakers.

Tapered design for strength and wind speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Ornamental Gold Ball Finial.

Butt Diameter 3 3/4" - Top Diameter 2"

Your chance to own a great flagpole complete with 3x5 ft Premium embroidered USA Flag and underneath Old Glory, a 2x3 ft Premium Gadsden Dont Tread On Me Flag.
ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR 20FT 3-SECTION FLAGPOLE Tools - Level, Screwdriver-Flathead & Phillips, 1-2 Bags Concrete Mix , Shovel, Shims Foundation Requirement Dig a hole, 20 by 20 by 26 deep. Line the bottom 2 of the hole with loose stones for drainage. Place the ground sleeve upright into the center of the hole and surround with premixed concrete. Do not allow concrete to get into or under the sleeve. Use a level to ensure the sleeve remains plumb while filling the hole and preparing the foundation. Allow for an inch of ground sleeve to stick above the top of the concrete. Leave concrete to set. Please note: If the ground is soft or sandy, increase the diameter of your hole and the concrete used. Installing your flagpole Remove the pole sections from their packaging Join the three sections together, lining up the mold mark. Insert the small screw provided into the hole on the upper joint and secure. Attach the white screw cap to the head of the screw. Sleeve the flash collar down from the top of the pole to within 2ft from the base of the pole. Attach the cleat with the two longer screws provided into the pre-drilled holes around he lower joint. Insert the stem of the Ball Top into the truck at the top of the pole and secure with lock nut provided. Thread Halyard through the truck and bring the two loose ends together with a knot, attaching to the cleat. Bring the butt of the pole to the foundation ground sleeve. Walk the pole up to the foundation, gently lifting it and sliding it into the ground sleeve. Rotate the pole so that the cleat is turned to the preferred location and secure the pole within the ground sleeve using small wooden shims. We recommend using a small strip of caulking to seal the space between sleeve and pole. Drop the flash collar to cover the foundation detail. The Nylon snap hooks can now be attached to the halyard (see illustration) spaced to accommodate the size of your flag. Attach and hoist flag. The halyard may be secured to the cleat in a figure eight fashion. Proper flag etiquette precludes flying the flag in inclement weather. Furthermore, the flag should not be flown in high winds. It can damage the pole and flag.
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