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The Sons Of Liberty are Back.....Only found here.

2x3 FT - Sons Of Liberty - Premium Flag
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2 ft x 3 ft. Custom made and designed. Premium Nylon with grommets. Made in USA.

The Rebellious Stripes flag was born in 1767. Gadsden and Culpeper is happy to bring a modern day design along with the 1767 flag. The Sons of Liberty adopted a red and white flag with nine uneven vertical stripes (five red and four white). The Sons Of Liberty organized nine colonies to attend the Stamp Act Congress. After further taxation without representation the "Boston Tea Party" took place, and the colonies started to rebel against England.

Design by Daniel Rudy and Gadsden and Culpeper. All rights reserved. Do not copy or duplicate in any manner.
2 ft x 3 ft Premium Nylon. Made to specifications of Flagmakers Association of America. Brass Grommets. Basically AWESOME.
Sons of Liberty existed in almost every colony during the time period preceding the American Revolution. The organization grew and in August 1765 Sons Of Liberty celebrated the founding of the group in Boston.
Design by Gadsden and Culpeper American Heritage Shopped Ltd.
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