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For the original defenders of Liberty!

The Sons of Liberty Vinyl Sticker 2
The Sons of Liberty Vinyl Sticker 2The Sons of Liberty Vinyl Sticker 2
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This 2"x8" "Rebellious Stripes" all weather vinyl sticker commemorates all The Sons of Liberty! They met under Liberty Trees and organized chapters in Boston, NY & VA. They resisted The King's new Tax Acts! and "No taxation without Representation" was their rally cry. Some of their names were Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin and Paul Revere....

Made in USA

Design by Daniel Rudy and All Rights Reserved.
2" x 3" Pressure-sensitive 4 mil, white Vinyl, screen printed with ultraviolet inks for extended outdoor and indoor use.
The Sons of Liberty adopted the rebellious stripes flag with nine vertical stripes, most were five red and four whitw. Nine represented the number of colonies forming the Stamp Act Congress.
Design by Daniel Rudy. All Rights Reserved.
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