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The US Navy Jack: A Proud History And Bright Future

The US Navy has a long and proud tradition of protecting our shores and fighting terrorism around the globe. At, we salute all the brave men and women serving in the Unites States Armed Forces. No matter what the job, we stand behind our men and women and know that they are giving their all. In particular, we admire the Navy for their history, and the history of their flags. The US Navy Jack has long been one of the most admired historical American flags, and one that we get a lot of questions about.

When exactly was the US Navy Jack first developed? It can actually trace its history back all the way to 1775, when the first ships of the Continental Navy were being readied for combat in the Delaware River. The flags were commissioned with the instructions that all ships were to have a striped jack and ensign. The exact design of the very first Navy Jack isn’t known, but the traditional version depicts an uncoiled rattlesnake with the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me”.

That rattlesnake was already a popular symbol in the fight against Britain in colonial America. “Don’t Tread On Me” was first coined during the Revolutionary War, after Benjamin Franklin’s popular rattlesnake emblem “Join, Or Die.” Today, the rattlesnake on the US Navy Jack continues to be a symbol of defiance against all of our enemies. Many ships in the Navy flag fly the Jack continually as a reminder that we are entrenched in the war on terror and will not back down.

While not as popular as the standard Don’t Tread On Me Flag, the US Navy Jack is also popular as a symbol of protest against big government and regulation. If your rights are being impeded, or if you want to make a statement against injustice, fly the US navy Jack. It sends a message that’s unmistakable and unforgettable.

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